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EoRC Round 14: 29/9/05

*** Kloopy sets mode: +m
<@Kloopy> Actually, it's Planetarion FTW.
<@Kloopy> I've +m'ed since it's 9pm game time.
<@Kloopy> Which means that Planetarion Round 14 is officially over.
<@Kloopy> Congratulations to all those who took part.
<@Kloopy> Hopefully over the next few days you can catch up on all your lost sleep!
<@Appocomaster> Please don't try and change your nicknames. Pea doesn't like that
<@Kloopy> Elviz, don't be nervous. Talking in here isn't scary. Everyone please be nice to Elviz as he's a little nervous about talking in the Ceremony.
<@Kloopy> Anyhow.
<@Kloopy> As I did R13's Ceremony, I'm going to hand you over to Appocomaster who will take the mic and run this rounds one.
<@Kloopy> We've got lots of nice announcements for you, too!
<@Kloopy> Happy Wednesday and Good Evening... Here's Appoco (when he's ready)
<@Appocomaster> Thanks!
<@Appocomaster> Well, hi everyone
<@Appocomaster> Firstly, as I'm sure most of you know by now, I'd like to congratulate elviz for winning this round
<@Kloopy> Congratulations, sir.
<@Appocomaster> Congratulations. How does it feel to win a round?
* @Appocomaster pushes the microphone towards elviz
<+[1up]elviz`foot> hi
<+[1up]elviz`foot> feels good
<@Appocomaster> Did you set out to play to win, or was it just another Planetarion round for you?
<+[1up]elviz`foot> I play to win always, or I dont at all
<@Kloopy> The big question is... how did you do it? It seems from 1up's position in the alliance ranking that they've been a help. But what made you the top 1up player?
<+[1up]elviz`foot> couldnt have been done with backup from 1up + friends
<+[1up]elviz`foot> except from that nothing special
<@Appocomaster> Friends as in your galaxy?
<@Appocomaster> Obviously being in the biggest galaxy helped
<+[1up]elviz`foot> Polar, kralizec, gal all helped out alot
<@Appocomaster> When did you think you were going to win? Obviously you lead the round for quite a while.
<+[1up]elviz`foot> When cypher exiled into the gal
<@Kloopy> [We apologise to all those who realise Elviz isn't the most talkative of Round Winners. He is currently suffering from stage fright.]
<@Appocomaster> Well, with him finishing in the top 5 as well, obviously that was a help
<@Appocomaster> :-)
<+[1up]elviz`foot> haha not really, but I hadnt prepared anything
<@Appocomaster> It's ok, we don't either
<@Appocomaster> we have a question for you
<@Appocomaster> apparently you only lost 84 roids all round
<@Appocomaster> That's quite impressive!
<+[1up]elviz`foot> I lost some today
<@Appocomaster> How did you manage it? Just support from the galaxy and 1up?
<@Kloopy> We hear you were roided by about a 1mil planet?
<+[1up]elviz`foot> yeah i was, forgot to recall a pre launched fleet during taco and beer
<@Appocomaster> oh well
<@Appocomaster> It didn't make a difference at the end of the day, but it must have been quite an XP boost
<@Appocomaster> Anyway, moving on, how many of your galaxy are around?
<+[1up]elviz`foot> alot
<@Kloopy> Congratulations 6:10.
<@Appocomaster> 6:10 won this round: cocteau, tedmunds, LordP, Nibiru, Desse, Benneh, Geezer, Karandras, standalone, cypher, Imm0rt3l, elviz, Filth, Prawn, fard, Zephod, takashi, Buddah, and AxTera (copied from your galaxy banner )
<@Appocomaster> And they won by a significant amount, more than probably at any other time in Planetarion history
<+[pr0n]Desse> woohoo
<@Appocomaster> if they pm me, so I can find them all
<+[pr0n]Desse> 2nd time in a winning gal.
<+[pr0n]Desse> :-p
<@Appocomaster> people keep trying to get my attention
<@Appocomaster> that was a fatal comment
<@Kloopy> Hang on... I'm just receiving reports from the MultiHunting team that final checks on their galaxy have reported major cheating and they will be forfited their place at #1.
<+[6-10-13]Filth> found out...
<@Kloopy> ...just for the logs, that was a joke.
<+[1up]Karandras> i thought we'd been rumbled for a second :/
<+[1up]cypher> tbh before any of us continue, i think it would be very nice idea to have elviz give another inspirational speech for the galaxy like he did for his planet
<+[6-10-13]Filth> plz no...
<+[6-10]Benneh> ILLMATICS FTW
<+[6-10]Benneh> ILLMATICS FTW
<+[6-10]Benneh> ILLMATICS FTW
* @Appocomaster sighs
<+[1up]cypher> sigh
<+[6-10-13]Filth> ROFL!!!
* @Assassin pets Pea
<@Appocomaster> the first winner to be kicked
<+[ToF]lp> heh
<+[6-10]Geezer77> it just proves that elviz is really a robot
<+[1up]cypher> no he was fake nicking
<+[6-10-6]Benneh> jeez how stupid are you :|
* +[6-10-6]Benneh kicks Appocomaster
<@Appocomaster> ow
<@Appocomaster> anyway, congratulations all of you
<+[1up]cypher> thanks
<+[ToF]lp> thx
<@Appocomaster> So, how did you manage to win? there's been a few conflicting stories as to how co-operative you are
<+[1up]cypher> and in my honest opinion most of the victory is because of the 'smaller' players and randoms for helping us all the time and all doing their best all round long helping with cross defence
<+[1up]Karandras> it was all thanks to me.
<+[6-10-6]Benneh> We are actully really boring also :| seeing as this is the slowest thing ever and this is laughable and painful
<@Appocomaster> No funny stories?
<+[6-10-13]Filth> very co-operative it was, elviz's way or the exile way
<@Appocomaster> lol
<+[1up]cypher> and feoline helping benneh set some proper standards ofcourse to make sure he keeps up with his roiding
<+[6-10-6]Benneh> only funny was elviz getting roided today by a tiny guy
<+[6-10-8]Bokke> MMM, I'm not in 6 10 8 actually
<+[6-10-4]Nibiru> omg
<+[6-10-8]Bokke> Pls speed up talking
<+[6-10-8]Bokke> Thank you
<+[1up]Karandras> wait
<@Appocomaster> :|
<+[VGN]Prawn6-10> lol
<+[VGN]Prawn6-10> naughty!
<+[1up]Karandras> I'm 6:10:8 fs
<@Appocomaster> ok
<@Appocomaster> Is there nothing any of you want to say?
<+[1up]cypher> anyways to sum it up a bit more quick
<+[pr0n]Desse> Yes
<+[1up]cypher> thanks to all the alliances
<@Appocomaster> If not, we'll move on to Zhil
<+[1up]cypher> everyone helping us and fighting us
<+[pr0n]Desse> I would like to say that I can Finally quit this crap game. \o/
<+[6-10-13]Filth> the overall uber activity of course
<+[6-10-6]Benneh> Gryphons really sucked this round REALLY REALLY SUCKED
<+[pr0n]Desse> and thanks to mazz and sid for keeping 1up running
<@Kloopy> Desse, no way... You need to make #1 planet!
<+[1up]cypher> even tho we haven't had much incomings at the last stage of the round we've fought hard early on
<+[6-10-4]Nibiru> I want to thank elviz phonecalls to kept me in pa shape
<+[1up]elviz`foot> actually Zhil kept 1up running
<@Appocomaster> Yes, people seemed to give up later in the game
<+[1up]cypher> and the key is to do cross defence nicely (and have someone like elviz stressing for roids and staying up at night)
<+[pr0n]Desse> and I´d like everyone for not attacking me, while I was in Mallorca
<+[1up]Karandras> I just want to say that the highlight of my round was that time I lost my ghosts. That was fun.
<@Kloopy> Cypher, are you planning on taking the best people from your gal this round into R15?
<+[1up]Karandras> and also, cyph is the worst gal mate EVER.
<+[VGN]Prawn6-10> thanks to the guy that suicided on me at the end, that was cool
<+[6-10-13]Filth> and me, while i was drunk .....
<+[VGN]Prawn6-10> well, the other day
<+[6-10-4]Nibiru> and i wanna thank [ToF]ChronoX for the last few days cus of him i gained 2K++ roids
<+[6-10]Geezer77> I would like to congratualte the Gal for being good guys, and winning most the ranks except #1 XP which goes to McFun
<+[1up]cypher> that most likely depends on your announcement about galaxies Kloopy.
<+[ToF]lp> seems to be 5 different convos
<+[1up]cypher> but i'm quite sure several of us will split up regardless
<@Appocomaster> That's coming up
<@Kloopy> But surely you want to take your success from this round onto the next?
<+[1up]cypher> on a different note.. buddah wanted to thank god and his mum and his alcohol for this inactive round
<+[6-10-6]Benneh> :|
<+[6-10-13]Filth> who do i thank for my inactivity?
<+[6-10-4]Nibiru> :>
<+[1up]cypher> well aslong as you're nice to randoms you can make most gals into something proper atleast and aslong as you make sure they have fun they'll help you as much as they can aswell
<+[VGN]Prawn6-10> I'd love to be in this place at the end of round ceremony again, but tbh I don't think I'll ever be in another gal as good as this
<@Appocomaster> Assuming the randoms are active?
<+[1up]cypher> and getting a mascotte helps
<+[pr0n]Desse> we even paid for quite a few randoms early on
<+[6-10-4]Nibiru> I paid for Buddahs account and see what i get !
<+[1up]cypher> well if someone is totally active he'll go ofc..but aslong as someone shows up on irc and tries to play he's very valueable and we treated everyone as such.
<+[VGN]Prawn6-10> You get stuck with Buddah for the whole round? :P
<+[6-10-4]Nibiru> (-:
<+[6-10-13]Filth> second time for me
<+[1up]Karandras> yeah, we don't none of those totally active types :/
<+[1up]Karandras> they're a menace
<@Kloopy> So you have found wining this round has been reliant on your IRC communication?
<+[1up]cypher> ow and before i forget, i would personally like to thank all wreckers (besides everyone else) for attacking with me/elviz/desse/cocteau/karandras almost whole round long.
<+[pr0n]Desse> you can´t win without IRC
<+[1up]cypher> that and cross defending and aggressive attacking day in, day out.
<+[6-10-4]Nibiru> Look who is talking Desse
<+[pr0n]Desse> I have been on IRC
<+[pr0n]Desse> :-p
<+[6-10-4]Nibiru> not idling in our gal room ><
<@Kloopy> That's what people say every round, that day on day attacking is very important.
<+[pr0n]Desse> once in a while
<+[VGN]Prawn6-10> IRC was the medium which facilitated elviz and co persuading me to stay up "just til the tick"
<@Kloopy> Have every one of your planet been attacking on a daily basis?
<@Kloopy> planets*
<+[pr0n]Desse> you have to keep fleets moving
<+[1up]cypher> ow and having a girlfriend that wakes you up cuz you always sleep in is quite handy thanks feoline
<+[6-10-13]Filth> Thankyou to Reunion btw who pwn and done great for first round
<@Appocomaster> Most people find having a girlfriend is a distraction
<@Kloopy> So you think that next round any galaxy that keeps their fleets moving will be able to give you a challenge?
<+[1up]elviz`foot> cypher trying to get laid tonite by mention feo AGAIN
<+[pr0n]Desse> I am not playing.
<+[VGN]Prawn6-10> My girlfriend is very glad the round is over
<+[pr0n]Desse> and afaik cocteau ain´t either
<+[1up]elviz`foot> I wont be playing either
<+[1up]cypher> yes Kloopy, and no elviz she's 3 hours away i'll have to cheat on her :/
<@Kloopy> I think there are girls all around the world breathing a sigh of relief this evening.
<+[VGN]Prawn6-10> Not sure about me playing tbh, uni work to do etc
<+[VGN]Prawn6-10> Haven't yet decided
<@Appocomaster> OK. Any other comments, before we move on to Zhil?
<@Kloopy> I find it impressive that someone who thinks Uni work is more important than Planetarion can end up in the #1 galaxy.
<+[1up]cypher> just one
<+[VGN]Prawn6-10> True Kloopy, but I wasn't the highest scoring player by a long shot
<+[1up]cypher> even tho i'm gonna get slagged off for this
<+[1up]Karandras> because you won't be slagged off anyway?
<+[6-10-6]Benneh> elviz's motto was dont be a fool drop out of school tho.
<+[1up]cypher> it's just sad i had to do this in 1up!!!!!
<@Appocomaster> lol
<+[6-10-4]Nibiru> My last comment is that Howling Rain rox !
* +[1up]cypher hides from all 1upers:P i love you really
<@Appocomaster> OK, thank you all
<@Appocomaster> oops
<@Appocomaster> forgot a couple of vs there
<@Kloopy> My extreme apologies to all the women in Planetarion, particularly Fiery, there are also many boyfriends breathing their sighs of relief. I'm sorry to have been such a genderist. If any of the girls here don't have boyfriends who are glad the end of round is here, please come to me as I'll happily take up that role.
<@Assassin> erher
<@Appocomaster> Well, congratulations. 1up have again showed they're an extremely organised alliance.
* @Assassin bows to Zhil
<+[1up]Zhil> Yes, but that was to be expected from us anyway
<@Appocomaster> They seem to be behind the winning galaxy and planet
<+[1up]Zhil> Most top galaxies and planets are a result of the winning alliance though. Very few rounds tend to have different ones
<+[1up]Zhil> Btw, can you voice mazzelaar? He's kind of 1up HC also
<+mazzelaar> ta
<@Appocomaster> Sorry, I forgot you'd returned
<+[1up]Zhil> Excellent, that will secure some good head later
* +mazzelaar stares at Pea
<@Kloopy> Have you not started to take your organisation and superiority in the Planetarion Universe for granted?
<+mazzelaar> not at all
<+mazzelaar> theres no such thing as superiority
<+mazzelaar> we just have fewer uncoevred calls than the rest
<+mazzelaar> it's purely down to hard work
<+[1up]Zhil> and persistance
<@Appocomaster> And organisation?
<+mazzelaar> and Zhil ofc
<+[1up]Zhil> I honestly most alliances can compare to 1up in organization nowadays
<+[1up]Zhil> +think
<@Kloopy> I hear that your toolsite is quite important to your organisation?
<+mazzelaar> it helps
<+mazzelaar> thankfully we can work without it
<+mazzelaar> the coed is utter shit though
<+mazzelaar> whoever has been advising bashar needs to get to school
<@Kloopy> But he's so lovely!
<+mazzelaar> hehe
* @Kloopy laughs out loud.
<@Kloopy> So has it been a routine round for you all?
<@Kloopy> Or have there been any significant problems along the way?
<+mazzelaar> nor eal significant problems
<+mazzelaar> not really
<+mazzelaar> damn keyboard
<+[1up]Zhil> Getting Sid away from the Casino was the most significant problem in my memory
<@Appocomaster> With him being there now...
<@Appocomaster> ?
<+mazzelaar> betting away the 1up beer fund :/
<+[1up]Zhil> he decided not to deign us mere mortals with his presence
<@Kloopy> And Bashar would rather be at the pub quiz than at the winners ceremony. It's surprising how well your alliance do considering your HCs priorities.
<+mazzelaar> like I said
<+mazzelaar> without zhil, we're screwed
<+mazzelaar> and Idler FTW
<@Kloopy> Surely there were other very important people for you?
<+mazzelaar> there aremany
<@Kloopy> The scan planets and the military officers, etc.
<+mazzelaar> the MO's have worked their asses off
<+mazzelaar> Angryduck has made an astounding move to head of 1up mil
<@Kloopy> I've always been impressed with the MO's in 1up, I have to say.
<+mazzelaar> and deserves an enourmous amoun of credit for 1up's offensive nature this round
<@Kloopy> They give up their sleep and precious spare time to run attacks.
<@Kloopy> Well Congratulations to you, AngryDuck.
<+[1up]Zhil> indeed, I must thank our MO's for their hard work this round. Especially some of the ones who only helped out recently. MOing is a truely thankless job.
<+mazzelaar> and Rob'afk is inevitably a lie
<@Kloopy> Your alliance do consistently well and you never have a problem with keeping people interested.
<+mazzelaar> oh, we do
<@Kloopy> Is the community spirit strong in 1up?
<+mazzelaar> we just threaten them more :/
<+[1up]Zhil> strong in arguement perhaps
<+[1up]Zhil> sorry "discussion"
<@Kloopy> It seems though that your members are having fun, even if it takes alot of effort to get to #1 alliance.
<+mazzelaar> 1up is nothing special in that way
<+mazzelaar> we have our ups and dons
<@Kloopy> So it's not all pretty like it seems on the outside?
<+mazzelaar> heh
<@Kloopy> It's good that you admit things aren't always perfect.
<+mazzelaar> depends if cypher had enough sleep :/
<+[1up]Zhil> we just threaten them with having to join LCH
<@Kloopy> It shows just how respectful your consisten high position is.
<@Kloopy> Well.
<+mazzelaar> like anyting
<@Kloopy> As we've said... Many Congratulations for another Planetarion win.
<+mazzelaar> we have areas we can improve
<@Kloopy> You've done very well.
<+mazzelaar> I'd like to say well done to all
<@Kloopy> Lets hope we see those improvements next round.
<+mazzelaar> some may think this was a dull round of planetarion
<+mazzelaar> but I, personally, had a fun round
<@Kloopy> I'm glad.
<+mazzelaar> so thanks to everyone
<+mazzelaar> particularly LCH
<@Kloopy> And thanks to you, too.
<+[1up]Zhil> Yes
<+mazzelaar> who put up an awesome fight til things overtook them a little
<+mazzelaar> btw
<+mazzelaar> 5:5 > *
<@Kloopy> The Number 1 alliance, ladies and gentlemen... 1up.
<+[1up]Zhil> LCH were fantastic enemies for this round
<+mazzelaar> apart from that loser chronox
<@Kloopy> Appocomaster, I believe you have some anouncements about the winning Golden Roid owners.
<@Appocomaster> Yes
<@Kloopy> And about Havoc and the Speed game, too!
<@Appocomaster> I don't think any of them are here (if they are, I'm sure they'll make themselves known)
<@Appocomaster> Kar, Steven, and GaR (of ND), as well as LukeyLove (of 1up), Bamz0r (of Orbit) and [Irvine] (of Angels) all get a credit for holding onto their respective Golden Asteroid for the longest this round.
<@Appocomaster> oh, sorry.
<@Appocomaster> "<[1up]Zhil> you cut me off "Thanks must yet again go to the planets which got individual planet NAPs with us and their relevant HC's for not kicking them. That helped our win also.""
<@Appocomaster> :-)
<@Appocomaster> Next, [TGV]Kargool has something he'd like to say
<+[TGV]Kargool> Hello everybody
<@Kloopy> "Hello Kargool" they all shout.
<+[TGV]Kargool> Boy, have we had a fun round :-)
<@Kloopy> "Yes we did" they all shout.
<+[TGV]Kargool> I'll cut to the case
<@Kloopy> "OK".... I'll shut up now.
<+[TGV]Kargool> After a thread in the PA forums was made about biggest freeplanet this round, and that they deserved a free credit
<+[TGV]Kargool> And the PA-Crew was unable to give it to them
<+[TGV]Kargool> I decided to donate a credit to him
<+[TGV]Kargool> We all know how important it is to keep thoose freebies interested in the game
<+[TGV]Kargool> I personally paid for 5-6 freebies this round
<+[TGV]Kargool> and it seems like they will be playing round 15 all of them
<@Kloopy> That's great news!
<+[TGV]Kargool> So dont give up on thoose freebies
<@Appocomaster> We found the planet - 6:6:20 "Viki", of [IRR]
<@Kloopy> It shows just what a tiny bit of your hard earned cash can do for PA.
<+[TGV]Kargool> yes
<+[TGV]Kargool> its not a big thing really
<+[TGV]Kargool> just cut down on beer, and have credits for everybody
<@Kloopy> Just one less beer and you can buy a 3 month credit, they're that cheap!
<+[TGV]Kargool> anyways, ranked 224th as a free planet, that is pretty impressive!
<+[TGV]Kargool> so good going to whoever you are.
<+[TGV]Kargool> The free credit will be transferred through the PA-crew, so contact them for further details
<+[TGV]Kargool> That was all I had to say.
<@Kloopy> Many thanks, Kargool.
<@Kloopy> It's lovely to see the community taking initative for promoting the game.
<@Kloopy> Even if it is within the community.
<@Appocomaster> Next, I'd like to remind everyone of the Creators Hour, starting at the same time as havoc, this Saturday at 21:00 GMT
<@Appocomaster> Questions can be submitted from NOW to #questions
<@Kloopy> /msg #questions <your question>
<@Appocomaster> yes ^^
<@Appocomaster> We'll try and make it last around an hour, but we'll see how many questions we get
<@Kloopy> The idea is that we'll be answering YOUR questions about R15 and the near future of Planetarion.
<@Kloopy> Ask the questions you've always wanted the answers to, and we'll pick the ones that are hardest to answer.
<@Kloopy> Make it difficult for us!
<@Appocomaster> Next, havoc itself
<@Appocomaster> As announced, it'll start at the same time, with 100 million of each resource, 500 of each roid type, 10 of each construction, and a full tech tree
<@Appocomaster> It'll finish on Friday, October 7th. Following that, we have a Speedgame
<@Appocomaster> It'll be (hopefully!) 11GMT to 11GMT, over Saturday and Sunday, non stop 1 minute ticks
<@Appocomaster> entry will be free
<@Kloopy> Appocomaster, is it a normal round or is it CTF?
<@Kloopy> I'd like CTF, but that's just me.
<@Appocomaster> It's a normal round
<@Appocomaster> As I know a few people have wanted a normal speedgame, with the last few being CTF
<@Appocomaster> Next, Galaxy formations
<@Kloopy> Right.
<@Appocomaster> There'll be an option of having a single private pack of 5, or smaller private packs that will be matched together to form private packs of 5 (random paid planets will fill the gaps).
<@Appocomaster> Most of the changes from this round are listed here: http://pirate.planetarion.com/showp...amp;postcount=1
<@Appocomaster> However, exile placement will be based on total planets, not free planets
<@Appocomaster> there will be no limit on the number of times people can exile people from the galaxy
<@Appocomaster> but the cost of galaxy exile will be (value/10)*((number_of_galaxy_exiles_so_far_for_gal+2)/2)
<@Appocomaster> Yes, the galaxy structure is different from that announced previouslyt
<@Appocomaster> Finally, the alliance limits in Round 15
<@Appocomaster> The base member limit will be 80 members. However, after 168 ticks (1 week), all alliances not in the top 5 will be able to accept more members, up to a maximum of 100 members.
<@Appocomaster> They will be able to accept them on the following basis:
<@Appocomaster> A new member can be accepted each (14 - $current_alliance_rank) ticks.
<@Appocomaster> Once people who have accepted more than 80 members move into the top 5, they will not loose members, and the alliances moving out of the top 5 will be able to accept members too, while they remain outside the top 5.
<@Appocomaster> This will mean smaller alliances, especially outside the top 10, can recruit more players
<@Appocomaster> But hopefully won't be too abusable
<@Appocomaster> Finally, the Round 15 signup and starting date
<@Appocomaster> I'm afraid we're not willing to announce this until Kloopy's done a bit more coding.
<@Kloopy> Basically, I'm not sure how much I can get done.
<@Kloopy> We're aiming for a 9 week round before Christmas.
<@Kloopy> As we know noone really wants to play through Christmas.
<@Kloopy> We all have presents to open and a silly amount of food to eat.
<@Appocomaster> Hopefully, signups will open sometime in the week after the Speedgame finishes, with anything up to a 14 day signup period.
<@Kloopy> So once I've worked a bit further through the bug list for R15, we'll know where we stand.
<@Kloopy> We don't want to announce early something we can't stick to.
<@Kloopy> So apologies, but you'll have to wait until Saturday for R15 singup and tickstart dates.
<@Kloopy> We're well renouned for missing deadlines, so the more we're confident and the later we announce, the more likely we are to meet them.
<@Kloopy> It's all part of this whole new be-truthful and honest initiative we're doing
<@Appocomaster> We'll try not to announce them literally as we're opening them though :-)
<@Kloopy> Certainly not. We'll give you a bit of notice.
<@Kloopy> But if the notice is short, we'll leave signups open for a bit longer.
<@Kloopy> You're guaranteed plenty of time to make sure you're signed up and your planet has the initial things done to it before tick start.
<@Kloopy> I think that's it.
<@Kloopy> That's announcements, interviews (even if they were quiet) and stuff done.
<@Kloopy> If you have any questions, don't forget:
<@Kloopy> /msg #questions <your question>
<@Appocomaster> we've already got about 30 questions. Some of them are even repeatable. Keep them coming, it'll give me something to do before university :-)
<@Kloopy> For "Creators Hour"
<@Kloopy> We'll think of a better name, don't worry.
<@Kloopy> And if there's anything that you really need to speak to us about before,
<@Kloopy> you can get us as ever in #suport or by emailing any of us.
<@Kloopy> You can email us at <nickname>@plaentarion.com
<@Kloopy> Or of course post of the forums.
<@Kloopy> I personally hope you're all kept interested during havoc and the speedround.
<@Kloopy> And of course that you catch up on sleep before round 15.
<@Kloopy> Round 15 will have less bugs and a number of your requested updates features and fixes.
<@Kloopy> So, enjoy your few days of rest and we'll see you all very soon!
<@Kloopy> Thanks for attending the Round 14 End of Round Ceremony.
<@Kloopy> Good night everyone.
<@Kloopy> And Sweet Dreams to you all.
<@Kloopy> #support <-- correct spelling of the channel
<@Kloopy> <nickname>@planetarion.com <-- Correct spelling of email address.
<@Kloopy> (Thanks Jupp)
<@Appocomaster> Your only typos were in the vital pieces of information
<@Appocomaster> and now...
*** Appocomaster sets mode: -m