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EoRC Round 12: 24/12/04

<A2> go for it then
<Aif|CF> \o/ i finnaly made it ;-), after 12 rounds of playing this game. this round has been very good for me, and i have to say tnx to 1UP for beening a GREATH ally to play in, but i would never have done this good alone i needed help so i have alot of ppl to say tnx to ;-)
<Aif|CF> Stals for beeing THE best GC u could ever ask for without him i dont think we would even be nr10, this man works for his ally 100% BUT makes it a 110% so that his galaxy can win. and \o/ we WON other round should we try and do it a 3 time ? ;-)
<Aif|CF> Therat for makeing attack´s u owned ealry in the round m8, but lch got u down :/
<Aif|CF> Synthetic_Sid well u allway´s try to do ur best at makeing ur ally top 1 (even tho i have to say : tnx for leting us take down 31:3)
<Aif|CF> TeK well m8 ur one hell of a player, but imo pipe down ur NOT that good ;-), and if u play active next round try not to get as many ppl pissed at u, like stals said: WTF he GOT 179 fleet´s inc and he SAYS ahhh u guys can handel it i go play WOW <--- next time stals wont cover ur ass ;-)
<Aif|CF> and to all the 1up scanners TNX u for a greath round ;-) (heres something columo liked me to say for him)
<A2> Well - as you're not only the #1 player, but also a member of the #1 galaxy I think we need to have a word with your GC
<Aif|CF> pa controlled my life in the last years and that i really love this community, and it is great to be part of the best ally.
<A2> care to point him out?
<Aif|CF> ;-)
Aif|CF> ;-)
<Aif|CF> stals show ur self
<A2> so... Stals...
<blixxard> who is also in 2nd place.
<Stals|CF> no,i'm rank 21
<blixxard> shhh
<Aif|CF> hehe
<A2> what's aif really like then?
<A2> (go on, you can be honest, no-one listening)
<Aif|CF> ;-)
<Stals|CF> well, aif turn away
<Stals|CF> your a great guy to play with
<Stals|CF> and
<Aif|CF> Columbo> u spelt my nick wrong <--- sorry
<Stals|CF> my best pa mate
<Stals|CF> what more to say ? i love u man (pa-wise)
<A2> can't say fairer than that
<Stals|CF> I was to talk about aif right now right ?
<A2> yeah
<Stals|CF> well
<Stals|CF> he was supposed to be a scanner you know
<Stals|CF> with amps and such
<Stals|CF> we all see
<Stals|CF> how good a scanner can be
<A2> how did your round go then, as GC of the top gal?
<Stals|CF> we were very lucky I must admit
<Stals|CF> with the randoms
<Stals|CF> and
<Stals|CF> that the alliances started to block in a way that worked out well for our galaxy
<Stals|CF> 31:3 was far ahead from early start
<Stals|CF> but we kept on fighting
<Stals|CF> and at the end it worked out kinda well
<Aif|CF> nauti/elviz/coctuea/titos/buddah|away well u guys did one hell of a jobb it´s hard to keep a whole galaxy to follow 1up rules but NEXT time try not to fencesit, try to spot the "blocks" and work from that instead !!!!!
<Stals|CF> I was talking now get in line
<Stals|CF> I have to thank all the alliances thats been supporting our galaxy
<Stals|CF> so thank you 1up
<Stals|CF> thank you Newdawn
<Stals|CF> thank you wolfpack
<Stals|CF> and thank you Sin
<Stals|CF> I will have to give some credit to LCH for covering TeK and Dreamy now and then before they left, not sure if you deserve it, but thanks anyways
<Stals|CF> can u voice the others now?
<A2> go for it
<A2> you know them better than us
<TeK|Number2|CF> <blixxard> who is also in 2nd place. <- hes 21 with donations all round
<Stals|CF> chill down
<A2> ofc you may not be the #2 planet Stals - but I'm sure you know who is
<Stals|CF> yeah
<HansA|CF> >o> \o/ <o< /o/ Ello!
<A2> care to introduce us?
<Stals|CF> sure
<Stals|CF> gal pics http://www.sandmans.co.uk/galpic2.php says it all tho, but anwyays
<Stals|CF> i was planet 1 in the gal, and we just planned to go the planet wise in the thank list, but as I already started it
<Stals|CF> TeK go on, I know you got alot to say
<TeK|Number2|CF> Many Thanks goes out to: Mistu for rejecting me at pt 24, LCH HC braking their own rules forcing me to Quit, 1up for taking me in and pwning LCH on the lemming runs, Elviz / Cocteau for attacking my nub gal m8 to lose protection and not knowing it for 3 weeks. Doesn't everyone just love me
<NitinA|CF> Thank you WolfPack for *everything* I could ask for and more, when I needed it, or when it'd just be nice Thanks Elviz and Cocteau for attacking the gal mid-round making you a legal target after waiting so long (it was worth it in the end). I'd also like to thank all my gal mates for a great round... Stals, TeK, Rabba, Yupster, Aif, Hansa, Notrik, Orion, and [dreamy]
<Stals|CF> nitina, wait a sec :P
<NitinA|CF> oo ok :P
<TeK|Number2|CF> Next round i wont be playing, ill give someone else a chance to be hated by everyone and still say haha i told you so when your #2 in the uni and #1 gal after all the hard work of trying to take you down since pt 72. Thanks to LCH, 1up and Stals, mainly stals couldn't have bin #2 without you.
<TeK|Number2|CF> He has dedicated countless hours protecting my planet while i was either out drinking or playing wow! stals you are an ace galaxy commander and will play with you anytime! Aslong as im here i would be loud an obnixous aif. this game isnt fun without it
<TeK|Number2|CF> Biffy who are you? Does IRC get info-mercials now?
<Stals|CF> lol
<TeK|Number2|CF> And ofc need to thank my mom and dad
<TeK|Number2|CF> sister and grandmother
<TeK|Number2|CF> my dog and bird
<TeK|Number2|CF> mom if you didnt pay my cable bill
<TeK|Number2|CF> i sure wouldnt be here!
<TeK|Number2|CF> \o/
<blixxard> hehe
<blixxard> could i ask you guys
<blixxard> What would be your piece of advice to a new player in Planetarion?
<TeK|Number2|CF> Dont be like TeK
<Rabba|CF> lol
<TeK|Number2|CF> its everything you 'shouldnt' do
<blixxard> noted.
<TeK|Number2|CF> make friends not enemys.
<Rabba|CF> don't be like TeK unless you have damn good team around you !
<Stals|CF> hmm, never give up, just try to get makes with the "l33t ones" and work ur way up
<Stals|CF> mates even
<TeK|Number2|CF> 1 more thank you goes out to Malo for doing all my JGPS while in LCH
<TeK|Number2|CF> America rules Norway
<Stals|CF> yyeye, lets move on anwyays, to a norwegian once again, rabba, ur next
<Rabba|CF> I'm shy :|
<Rabba|CF> I don't really have a whole lot to say
<Rabba|CF> other than a HUGE thanks to this galaxy
<Rabba|CF> it's been awesome to play with you guys
<Rabba|CF> it's been awesome to play with you guys
<Rabba|CF> and also my alliance Wolfpack
<Rabba|CF> you never stop to amaze me !
<Rabba|CF> and without you I never would've been able to keep my roids
<Rabba|CF> heh
<Rabba|CF> going into this round I remember Stals being rather sceptic about Wolfpack
<TeK|Number2|CF> Tear
<Rabba|CF> and wether or not we would hold up
<Rabba|CF> heh
<Rabba|CF> I'm glad we could deliver
<Rabba|CF> btw
<Stals|CF> indeed I was, glad I was proven wrong good game WP
<Rabba|CF> =)
<Rabba|CF> I love you WP
<TeK|Number2|CF> we love you to rabba
<NitinA|CF> <3
<Rabba|CF> =)
<Rabba|CF> do I get a t-shirt btw ?
<Rabba|CF> lol
<A2> funny you should mention that Rabba|CF...
<Rabba|CF> I've never won anything in pa before
<Rabba|CF> \o/
<TeK|Number2|CF> ill take the mouse pad...
<A2> no... you're not getting a T-Shirt
<Rabba|CF> always been the undergod fighting the BIG boy s;P
<A2> what you are getting
<HansA|CF> (haha ello [SiN]Rebenne)
<TeK|Number2|CF> Stals need the coffee mug
<NitinA|CF> is a high five?!
<A2> is no exceuse about not playing next round
<NitinA|CF> lol
<Aif|CF> lol
<Rabba|CF> damn
<TeK|Number2|CF> for all the coffee he drank to stay up
<Stals|CF> do'h another credit?
<A2> all of the top galaxy win a free credit for next round.
<Rabba|CF> I was sort of hoping I could retire now
<Rabba|CF> after what's it been ?
<TeK|Number2|CF> im putting my credit on ebay \o/
<Rabba|CF> 5 years ?
<Rabba|CF> 6 years almost ??
<A2> and can pester blixxard to get it after signup
<Rabba|CF> I started r1 in galaxy 1:2
<Rabba|CF> and I got hooked
<Stals|CF> kk, u already owe me one for last round btw
<Rabba|CF> hehe
<NitinA|CF> =P
<A2> remember to claim it this time then
<A2> right
<Stals|CF> anyways, lets go on ? NitinA was bit triggerhappy with his copy\paste earlier, so let him go on now :P
<TeK|Number2|CF> Im going to place the credit on ebay and a spot in Stals's galaxy next round
<NitinA|CF> lol
<TeK|Number2|CF> Lets start the bidding at about $20
<NitinA|CF> umm ok
<A2> before we move onto the winning alliance...
<NitinA|CF> Thank you WolfPack for *everything* I could ask for and more, when I needed it, or when it'd just be nice
<NitinA|CF> Thanks Elviz and Cocteau for attacking the gal mid-round making you a legal target after waiting so long (it was worth it in the end). But seriously 31:3 you guys played a great game, and it was a pleasure competeing for this round with you guys.
<NitinA|CF> I'd also like to thank all my gal mates for a great round... Stals, TeK, Rabba, Yupster, Aif, Hansa, Orion, and [dreamy] (and the 0 pt newb who joined the gal last tick)
<NitinA|CF> thx every1 and a great round
<Rabba|CF> R.I.P Notrik
<TeK|Number2|CF> lets not start another death thread rabba
<TeK|Number2|CF> bad enough nitin is back
<Rabba|CF> yeah
<NitinA|CF> =p
<Stals|CF> ok, A2 wants us to hurry up so he can go get drunk etc
<Rabba|CF> hehe
<Rabba|CF> it's nto every day we get voice in #planetarion
<Stals|CF> yupster which is #5 can't be here, so he just told me to paste something
<Stals|CF> [17:55:22] [@[1up]yupster] "2 rounds in a row! 1up owns, thank you all 1uppers!"
<Stals|CF> Orion|CF go go
<Orion|CF> First of all I would like to thank the gal, it was great playing with you guys, never would have made it this far if not for you. Thank you Nitina for always being there to help me, even when I noobed up at times
<blixxard> nearly done?
<Orion|CF> Would also like to thank ND for covering my back for most part
<Orion|CF> thank you 31:3 for giving us good competition
<Orion|CF> was fun playing against you guys
<Rabba|CF> oh and thanks to Benneh for his rroids this morning =)
<Orion|CF> well, don't know much else to say
<Orion|CF> except
<Orion|CF> thank you all
<Orion|CF> been a great round for me
<NitinA|CF> lol
<Stals|CF> right
<Stals|CF> then
<blixxard> thank you guys too
<TeK|Number2|CF> sorry sid no time for u
<A2> all done?
<Stals|CF> #7 [Dreamy], could't be here, but i'm sure he just wanna say good game :P
<Stals|CF> #8 is a dud eiwth 0 value and 0 score, gg to him
<Stals|CF> HansA|CF paste ur part
<HansA|CF> am i on?
<HansA|CF> Well. im the last one i think.
<HansA|CF> Back to whoever :P
<Stals|CF> yes, paste ur stuff and get over with it
<TeK|Number2|CF> Im still waiting to know who biffy is and does he do requests?
<Aif|CF> Mix : for the best enemy i could ever ask for, u did not give up and NEVER fancesatt \o/ (tnx for the 3,2k roids i got from u made me nr.1)
<Aif|CF> and last TNX to all my galaxy m8´s FOR the best round ever
<Rabba|CF> it was a pleasure Aif =)
<NitinA|CF> =)
<biffy> TeK - im fully booked for christmas
<TeK|Number2|CF> o your so welcome aif ( my new enemy )
<A2> And now...
<A2> The results of AllComp
<Aif|CF> gmufc <---- U oWn m8 ;-)
<TeK|Number2|CF> noo
<TeK|Number2|CF> Sid
<TeK|Number2|CF> sid
<TeK|Number2|CF> sid
<TeK|Number2|CF> come on chant
<A2> shh you lot
<Rabba|CF> [TZ] owns all para alliances btw
<TeK|Number2|CF> doh
<A2> In 10th place, with 31 - VsN (Vision)
<A2> In 9th place, with 33 - ROCK
<A2> In 8th place, with 38 - 1uP
<A2> In 7th place, with 39 - NoS
<A2> sorry - NoS are in joint 6th place on 39
<A2> with HR
<A2> sorry guys
<A2> In 4th place, with 44 - VGN (Vengeance)
<A2> oi - who nicked 5th?
<A2> 5th Place, ToF (Tides of Fire) with 44, VGN in 4th with 50
<A2> 3rd goes to WP with 76
<blixxard> hehe now it is close
<A2> 2nd goes to ND with 81
<A2> which means that the winners of the allcomp
<A2> with 87
<A2> and the ones who broke the tag counter with their tag
<A2> are LCH
<A2> side note: hansa wanted to say:
<A2> [HansA|CF] Well. not much to say. I was lucky as a random to end up in a nice gal. You are greate Was'nt that experienced in this game but my galmates fixed that in a blast. Some humps and bumps and heavy losses in the beginning but its funny how you learn from it and dont trie that again... And Thanks SiN, for some tasty targets, Keep em coming. Amnesia: thanks for greating me, the n00b with open arms.
<blixxard> if one of their HC's would like to pm me to get the 5 free credits
<A2> and now, over to blixxard to have a few words with the winning alliance in the game.
<blixxard> well ofc, we all know who won.
<blixxard> 1up
<blixxard> hey guys
<[1up]Syn_Sid> hi
<blixxard> Well, amazing round for your alliance. Just how did you do it?
<[1up]Syn_Sid> More luck than judgment in some ways
<[1up]Syn_Sid> FInishing #1 was never our expectation - or even our aim
<[1up]Syn_Sid> But when we got to #2, the current #1 alliance decided they'd hit the #3 alliance and settle for 2nd place
<[1up]Syn_Sid> so we pretty much had no option but to take #1 then
<blixxard> aha. so the winning tactic was luck?
<[1up]Syn_Sid> In more general terms, activity discipline and loyalty from our members is the key
<[1up]Syn_Sid> well - in general, no, luck isn't a winning tactic
<[1up]Syn_Sid> but we weren't aiming for #1 alliance spot
<blixxard> so i am just a bad player
<[1up]Syn_Sid> so it was "Luck" or whatever, that made the circumstances such that there was no palatable alternative to us winning
<[1up]Syn_Sid> (for 1up, that is)
<blixxard> Could you briefly sum up what this round has been like for your alliance? the highs and lows of it?
<[1up]Syn_Sid> there's been a lot of small highs and lows, rather than one or two big ones
<[1up]Syn_Sid> for most of the round our aim was to stop any one alliance running away with a win
<[1up]Syn_Sid> and whenever we pegged an alliance back a bit (notably mistu and LCH) it was a high
<[1up]Syn_Sid> obviously getting to #1 on score was quite a big high
<[1up]Syn_Sid> as, indeed, was each place we gained up the ranks over alliances with farm ore members
<blixxard> hehe, yeah, towards the few final weeks it looked very certain
<[1up]Syn_Sid> by a week ago it was certain, yes
<[1up]Syn_Sid> i don't think we had any huge lows
<blixxard> hehe, so overall a great round?
<[1up]Syn_Sid> yeah - i'd say so
<[1up]Syn_Sid> it remained competetive until very near the end
<[1up]Syn_Sid> and for at least the first 2/3 of it, it wasn't clear who was going to win
<[1up]Syn_Sid> which has to be good for everyone
<blixxard> so there was no major turning point?
<blixxard> long drawn out war
<[1up]Syn_Sid> there were a few fairly major turning points
<blixxard> oh, tell
<[1up]Syn_Sid> initially LCH seemed to be running away the round
<[1up]Syn_Sid> they decided to try to hit all 1up planets at once
<[1up]Syn_Sid> and managed to hit most
<[1up]Syn_Sid> (though some were hit by fence-sitting LCH who told us in advance that they wouldn't land, or recalled 1 tick in)
<[1up]Syn_Sid> we then, with some other alliances, decided it was time to knock them back a bit
<[1up]Syn_Sid> for about 5 days LCH hit 1up
<[1up]Syn_Sid> while other alliances gained roids off LCH
<[1up]Syn_Sid> that was teh 1st major turning point
<[1up]Syn_Sid> as although they kept a score lead, they lost their roid lead - to Mistu
<blixxard> ahhh
<[1up]Syn_Sid> Next something siilar happened to Mistu - but they took more pain than LCH
<[1up]Syn_Sid> after they'd been hit for only a few days they ceased to be a candidate to win the round
<[1up]Syn_Sid> and not too long afterwards their Angels AG left them
<[1up]Syn_Sid> that then left LCH back in front by quite a margin
<[1up]Syn_Sid> there was then a bit of a two-sided war going on
<[1up]Syn_Sid> LCH and 1up were mainly hitting one another
<[1up]Syn_Sid> 1up were gining on roids though pretty steadily
<[1up]Syn_Sid> and in the meantime ND were also catching up fast on 1up/LCH
<[1up]Syn_Sid> the biggest turning point of the round then came
<[1up]Syn_Sid> the biggest turning point of the round then came
<[1up]Syn_Sid> when LCH swapped targets to ND
<[1up]Syn_Sid> and got their allies/support alliances to do the same
<[1up]Syn_Sid> it totally ruined any hope ND had of finishing #1
<[1up]Syn_Sid> but let 1up cruise past LCH fast
<blixxard> cool
<[1up]Syn_Sid> when they tried a couple of times later to swap targets back to 1up they failed
<[1up]Syn_Sid> typically they'd mass atatck 1up early in then ight
<[1up]Syn_Sid> run into a stone-wall
<[1up]Syn_Sid> then go attack ND instead
<[1up]Syn_Sid> instead of taking advantage of the defence fleets we still had heading out
<[1up]Syn_Sid> anyway, a few quick words of thanks are in order I think
<blixxard> oh oh
<blixxard> hang on
<blixxard> this is all scripted on autoque. 2 more quick questions then you can have your words
<blixxard> If you have one piece of advice for a new alliance what would it be? As probbly many people have noticed there are many new alliances now.
<[1up]Syn_Sid> advice for someone making a new alliance? or for someone looking to join one?
<blixxard> new alliances
<[1up]Syn_Sid> Start small would be the one piece of advice i'd give
<[1up]Syn_Sid> if i only had to give one
<[1up]Syn_Sid> If you need advice, then you shouldn't be trying to make a 100 member alliance right away
<[1up]Syn_Sid> If i were going to make a new alliance, and didn't have teh contacts etc I have, i'd be looking to start off with amybe 10-20 members
<[1up]Syn_Sid> preferably all in different galaxies
<[1up]Syn_Sid> enough to run one decent galaxy raid per night
<blixxard> ahh wise words indeed
<[1up]Syn_Sid> small and active is the way to go for a new alliance
<blixxard> great
<blixxard> So, what can we see from your alliance in the future?
<mazzelaar> incoming
<mazzelaar> ;p
<blixxard> rofl
<[1up]Syn_Sid> we'll be around next round
<[1up]Syn_Sid> haven't decided yet on membership count etc though
<blixxard> great, well best of luck in the future. over to you
<[PATeam]Phil^> sorry to interrupt sid but to those who are nicktalking - pls, grow up.
<mazzelaar> my go?
<[1up]Syn_Sid> go for it
<mazzelaar> I shall be very brief
<mazzelaar> Well done to Aif and the rest of 22:5. It goes to show you get out what you put in.
<mazzelaar> Congratulations to everyone on a great round of PA - I have to agree with biffy in that it has been the most entertaining by far and we can only hope following rounds follow in the same vain.
<mazzelaar> The members of 1up deserve a massive shout, thier activity and dedication have been amazing - well done all of you.
<mazzelaar> I have to say a big up to Zhil - without those 8 def calls you covered we would've been screwed.
<mazzelaar> and finally:
<mazzelaar> <3 [ND]The_Fish
<mazzelaar> thats all from me
<[1up]Syn_Sid> Without repeating the ones Mazz already covered,
[1up]Syn_Sid> Without repeating the ones Mazz already covered, there's a few more thanks to add
<[1up]Syn_Sid> Thanks to most of our enemies for fighting the majority of the round in a civilised manner
<[1up]Syn_Sid> I think this round's been a lot "cleaner" than many
<[1up]Syn_Sid> Thanks to our friends for their cooperation and assistance
<[1up]Syn_Sid> (Some alliances have been in both the firends and the enemies columns at various stages in the round)
<[1up]Syn_Sid> Thanks to 1up's Military Team for going without sleep doing a largely thankless job
<[1up]Syn_Sid> TeK wanted a mention : TeK you're a twat
<mazzelaar> seconded
<[1up]Syn_Sid> And thanks to all fence-sitting enemies - without your spinelessness, none of this would be possible.
<mazzelaar> \o/
<[1up]Syn_Sid> That's me done
<mazzelaar> happy christmas everyone
<blixxard> okey
<blixxard> thanks for the advice sid.
<blixxard> right well
<blixxard> Well that's it ladies and gentlemen another round has passed. On behalf of PaTeam I would like to thank everyone for attending and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and New Year.
<[PATeam]Phil^> A few words from me before i unmoderate the channel
<[PATeam]Phil^> ( not too many so dont panic )
<[PATeam]Phil^> as has been mentioned, this round has been on the whole rather successful, it is down to you, the players
<[PATeam]Phil^> an achievement you should all be proud of yourselves for
<[PATeam]Phil^> since, i am certainly proud of you all
<[PATeam]Phil^> since, i am certainly proud of you all
<blixxard> (( oh and cyph|afk says thanks forest for not being in his galaxy ))
<blixxard> idd phil
<[PATeam]Phil^> Happy christmas, and hopefully see you ( not too drunk ) for the start of havoc
<[PATeam]Phil^> anything else or shall we unlock pandoras box now?
<blixxard> just to note, this channel has ops
<blixxard> yup. time to get some food. thanks everyone again for attending.
<Spod> phil^ said 2 much hehe
<Marv> What about Havoc info?? blixxard?
<macros> When is next round or when are you announcing it
<[RVN]trent> when is havoc?
<[APA]Derz> whee
<Piketa> Oi!!!!!!!:-D
<[1up]TheRat> Jesus..
* [VsN]barney slaps [1up]Syn_Sid around a bit with a large trout
<[APA]Dude> woo
<macros> When is next round or when are you announcing it
<macros> When is next round or when are you announcing it
<[Ven]demiGOD> damn..