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EoRC Round 10: 21/10/03

* [1-1-4]Karm sets mode: +m
<@[1-1-4]Karm> Righty then
<+[1-1-7]azrael> PA Team won clearly :\
<@[1-1-4]Karm> its 12:30
<@[1-1-4]Karm> and round10 of Planetarion has finished ticking
<@[1-1-4]Karm> i think we can all agree it been an interesting round, and this new version of PA has allowed a few unothodox tactics
* @[1-1-4]Karm grins at 13:10:5
<@[1-1-4]Karm> I would like to start by congratulating 18:4 for being the #1 galaxy and specifically 18:4:5 who also attained the #1 ranking in the universe
<@[1-1-4]Karm> congrats Bleen
* @[1-1-4]Karm pokes bleen
<+[18_4_5]bleen> thx
<@[1-1-4]Karm> Firstlt thanks for playing
<@[1-1-4]Karm> how did you enjoy this round
<+[18_4_5]bleen> i enjoyed this round very much.
<+[18_4_5]bleen> i have writen a speech so i want to paste it
<@[1-1-4]Karm> go on then
<+[18_4_5]bleen> Hello all,
<+[18_4_5]bleen> As u all know i was FAnG for most part of the round, so most of credits go to FAnG (thx FAnG was really nice to play with ya). I'm very thankfull to elysium that they let me join them when FAnG had problems. I also want to thank elysium DC's, MO's who were working to save me last
<+[18_4_5]bleen> 24 hours, i want to thank to ex LDK crew, Kaifux(best bc), Irvine(best dc), zerocore(best hc) - true dedicated players, also to Webangel for buying an acc, Klendau for recruiting to FAnG. Also i want to thank for my galaxy, YOU are great mates. Sry for those who i havent mentioned.
<+[18_4_5]bleen> Tho my school is LDK, i have gained all the skills since the beggining and i want to thank for LDK crew for teaching me how to play PA, LDK players were the best, are the best and will be the best !
<+[18_4_5]bleen> Thx cya all next round.
<@[1-1-4]Karm> short but sweet
<+therealmig> think he had prepared that?
<@[1-1-4]Karm> dunno maybe
<+[1-1-7]azrael> grats bleen m8 :]
<@[1-1-4]Karm> anyways lets give the rest of your gal a chance to spam
<+[18_4_10]Remy> \o/
<+[18_4_1]kilroy> ty
<+[18_4_10]Remy> kilroy, as our gc
<+[18_4_6]Ace> ty
<@[1-1-4]Karm> congrats guys
<+[18_4_1]kilroy> i wane say somw words for my gal
<@[1-1-4]Karm> feel free
<+[18_4_10]Remy> ty
<+[18_4_1]kilroy> First I would like to thank and congratulate my other 9 Galmembers:
<+[18_4_1]kilroy> Salminator, Mitre, Sword, Bleen, Ace, Hoffi, Desse, Guran and Remy and
<+[18_4_1]kilroy> those who where former member of our galaxy: Grim and Zmeu. It was a team
<+[18_4_1]kilroy> effort with big ups(ending #1) and downs(closure, "Fang incident").
<+[18_4_1]kilroy> Together we always aimed for the #1 spot but it was a hard and long road.
<+[18_4_1]kilroy> Some planets where closed and replaced, some planets where closed and
<+[18_4_1]kilroy> reopened and of course without the closing of the planets in 16:4 at the
<+[18_4_1]kilroy> end we wouldn't be #1. Of course I also want to thank all the alliances who
<+[18_4_1]kilroy> helped us defending and attacking: Eclipse, Vision, Fang, Elysium, ToT/LCH/GoCi and
<+[18_4_1]kilroy> till half round Dragons. Congratz to Elysium, finally being the #1 alliance
<+[18_4_1]kilroy> in a round of planetarion, as Eclipse peon I of course say it was an EET
<+[18_4_1]kilroy> victory.
<+[18_4_10]Remy> :P
<+[18_4_4]Sword> :-)
<+[18_4_1]kilroy> Also of course congratz to Bleen, who really wanted to end the round
<+[18_4_1]kilroy> because he saw the #2 closing in every day. Well done m8
<+[18_4_1]kilroy> Finally I would like to thank those people who gave us another round of
<+[18_4_1]kilroy> planetarion. A lot has changed over time but again I enjoyed most parts of
<+[18_4_1]kilroy> this turbulent round. Let's see what the future will bring! ( a lot of speedrounds :-)
<+[18_4_1]kilroy> And Thunder thx :-)
<@[1-1-4]Karm> yah know i think they prepared
<+[18_4_1]kilroy> ye we did
<+[18_4_10]Remy> he did
<+[18_4_10]Remy> i didnt
<+[18_4_10]Remy> may i?
<+[18_4_9]Guran> ^^
<@Karmulian> feel free
<@Karmulian> its your time
<+[18_4_10]Remy> tnx
<+[18_4_10]Remy> 1st tnx to my galmates. We had some struggle osmtimes
<+[18_4_10]Remy> but in the end, we always were mates
<+[18_4_10]Remy> further
<+[18_4_10]Remy> id like to thanks ToT
<+[18_4_10]Remy> becausd ethey did great def on me this round
<+[18_4_10]Remy> i didnt lose a single roid this round
<+[18_4_10]Remy> which is the first time
<+[18_4_10]Remy> oh wait
<+[18_4_10]Remy> i lost 1 to covert opping
<+[18_4_10]Remy> :P
<@Karmulian> welcome to remy hour
<@Karmulian> lol
<+[18_4_3]Mitre> what a n00b :\
<+[18_4_6]Ace> lol
<+[18_4_6]Ace> can I go now ?
<@Karmulian> cov opping an interesting tactic to the top
<+[18_4_10]Remy> :-)
<+[18_4_10]Remy> you can acei
<+[18_4_6]Ace> cos I got the speech of a gal m8 on hols too
<@Karmulian> feel free
<+[18_4_6]Ace> <Salminator^> im in Spain now, chilling down with a beer or five :-)
<+[18_4_6]Ace> i wanna thank my alliance, Myz, Leg; Rember, etc u saved my butt.
<+[18_4_6]Ace> I wanna thank mine galmates, FRIENDS!!! that was the issue there,
<+[18_4_6]Ace> and indeed we proved it, i love u all.
<+[18_4_6]Ace> Forest: we had a deal. u keept it, i keept it , wub u for that!!!
<+[18_4_6]Ace> Finaly i wanna say to the (pa)crew. : keep it up, but make sure there is rules for all to follow in start, and follow them....
<+[18_4_6]Ace> that was what sal wanted to say...he went to spain at 5 this morning
<+[18_4_4]Sword> ffs
<+[18_4_6]Ace> now mine :-)
<+[18_4_10]Remy> lolz
<+[18_4_4]Sword> oops, sos ;p
<+[18_4_6]Ace> First of all I want to thank the members of my alliance, ToT/LCH/GoCi is a great alliance.
<+[18_4_6]Ace> As I'm writing this Nitros is trying to get me to mention him :-)
<+[18_4_6]Ace> My gal m8s, Man you guys are great ppl, and gal name says all New friends = Friends for life.
<+[18_4_6]Ace> Special word for Grim| and zmeu, thx for sticking around afther being deleted guys, that shows team spirit.
<+[18_4_6]Ace> Special word for Jurgen, you tried, but you should have known we wouldn't turn our backs on our alliances :-)
<@Karmulian> ofc the big question is guys, which did you prefer Rdn9 or 10 ( i think i know the answer)
<+[18_4_10]Remy> was 9.5 same as 9?
<+[18_4_6]Ace> a mix kar
<+[18_4_4]Sword> hmz
<@Karmulian> i mean old or new
<+[18_4_4]Sword> i enjoyed both ;p
<+[18_4_10]Remy> hehe
<+[18_4_10]Remy> i liked bnoth
<+[18_4_6]Ace> same here
<+[18_4_4]Sword> but this one more :-)
<@Karmulian> good hopefully you'll like round 11 then
<+[18_4_4]Sword> Thank you PA, for creating a great game. Sure it's had it's ups and (all too often!) downs, but it's NOT the game that I'm addicted to - it's not that great!
<+[18_4_4]Sword> It's the people and the community that make it for me.
<+[18_4_4]Sword> Thanks to Elysium for being imho the best allaince.
<+[18_4_4]Sword> My Galaxy this round has been awesome, full activity all round really pays off, great co-operation even when times were difficult, like being split by opposing allainces!
<+[18_4_4]Sword> Congratulations Gal m8's :-)
<+[18_4_4]Sword> Lastly I need to thank my wife, for allowing me to play!
<+[18_4_10]Remy> sexeh
* @Karmulian pets sword
<+[18_4_10]Remy> my wife ended top 100 ^^
<@Karmulian> spammers the lot of you
<+[18_4_5]bleen> hehe
<@Karmulian> hehe good for her
<+[18_4_6]Ace> :-)
<+[18_4_10]Remy> lol
<+[18_4_10]Remy> karmulian
<+[18_4_6]Ace> we came here prepared just in case :-)
<+[18_4_10]Remy> oh
<@Karmulian> yes mate
<+[18_4_10]Remy> nm
<+[18_4_10]Remy> he parted
<+[18_4_10]Remy> it scosey in here
<+[18_4_10]Remy> we need no flaiming
<+[18_4_10]Remy> :-)
<@Karmulian> graki ur next so hush ;p
* +[18_4_3]Mitre coming up
<+[18_4_3]Mitre> thanks FAnG
<+therealmig> remy other members of PA Team and planetarion ops are watching for things like that
<+[18_4_3]Mitre> Xanadu > all
<+[18_4_3]Mitre> done
<+[18_4_9]Guran> a few words..
<+[18_4_9]Guran> Thank You 18:4.
<+[18_4_9]Guran> Truly a dream team.
<+[18_4_9]Guran> Thank You Elysium.
<+[18_4_9]Guran> You guys are amazing.
<+[18_4_9]Guran> And last but not least, thank you FAnG and Dragons for many sleepless nights. I would never have been as activate as I were without you guys.
<+[18_4_9]Guran> Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
<+[18_4_9]Guran> I'm done.
<@Karmulian> and the same Guran
<@Karmulian> well guys unless you have anything else unfortunatly i move on
<+[18_4_3]Mitre> i gotta say thanks to my gf for letting me play!!
<@Karmulian> Thanks to you all
<@Karmulian> and congratulations again
<@Karmulian> have a good christmas
<+[18_4_5]bleen> thx. no need to have a good sleep
<+[18_4_6]Ace> hehe
<@Karmulian> hehe
<+[18_4_6]Ace> go sleep bleen
<+[18_4_6]Ace> me too :-)
<@Karmulian> yeah its well deserved
<+[18_4_10]Remy> off
<+[18_4_10]Remy> pff
<+[18_4_10]Remy> i need sleep always
<@Karmulian> Welcome 16:4
<+[16_4_10]mens> omg, we didn't prepare speeches
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> brave
<+[16_4_10]mens> =\
<@Karmulian> you have definetly had an interesting round
<+[16-4-9]Arfa> yeah
<@Karmulian> closures, accusations and the like
<@Karmulian> i hope nevertheless you have enjoyed yourselves
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> nope
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> but arfa should take the word at first
<+[16_4_10]mens> I used to say pax were GREAT, but I've changed my mind after I hit 6k roids
<+[16-4-9]Arfa> i ahvent prepared a thing
<+[16-4-9]Arfa> but
<@Karmulian> yes mens, there are a few unexpected things like that
<+[16-4-9]Arfa> 1) congrats to kilroy and 18:4
<+[16-4-9]Arfa> 2) congrats to eet for being awesome
<+[16-4-9]Arfa> and as for the rest i leave to the gal
<@Karmulian> thanks arfa
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> well
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> just a few words
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> i want to take all from my ally who keep scanning me after the pa team closed my galaxy for fun
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> take = thx
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> and sure ely you took the frist chance as they closed us to attack the rest
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> this galaxy was best i have been ever in
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> i could sleep every night without beeing worried about unnoticed incomings
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> oh i just got pmed
<+[16-4-9]Arfa> one other thing <Focht|afk> u better thank eclipse first or you get demoted :P
<+[16-4-9]Arfa> lol
<@Karmulian> lol
<+[16_4_4]Bear> heh
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> a special thx to suave who cooped me the last days to keep my res at home
<+[1-1-7]azrael> heh
<@Karmulian> subtle as always Focht
<+[16_4_1]Orange> well, my thanks go to ND for watching my back and to all my gal m8's ... those still here and especially to those who aren't. Its been a delight playing with all 10 of them.
<+[16_4_4]Bear> Just a quick word from me
<+[16-4-9]Arfa> and my co op partner stew ofc
<+[16_4_1]Orange> it was a good end of my PA playing days
<+[16_4_1]Orange> he'll be delighted with that mention, arfa ;-)
<+[16_4_4]Bear> First of all, thanks to eclipse, eclipse mil team, etc for the defense, the attacks.. and ofcourse not to forget, arfa
<+[16_4_4]Bear> for managing our galaxy under difficult circumstances
<+[16_4_4]Bear> Thanks to all 16:4 galmembers for the high activity and the good time we had together
<+[16_4_10]mens> hi, I gotta say DRAGONS ROCK, we have teh best players etc etc
<+[16_4_10]mens> 2nd of all
<+[16_4_10]mens> arfa rock
<+[16_4_4]Bear> Not to forget, my congrats to 18:4
<+[16_4_10]mens> I can't say i've been treated with justice
<+[16_4_10]mens> and I can't even say the pa crew has been fair
<+[16_4_10]mens> but I can still congratulate the winners
<+[16_4_10]mens> altho you can question the way they won.
<+[16_4_4]Bear> and also to kilroy for just beating me in the rankings :>
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> and admins for beeing corrupt?
<+[16_4_10]mens> Ð = sexyest letter made
<+[16_4_4]Bear> 16:4 is the best galaxy i've played in
<+[16_4_1]Orange> lol mens
<@Karmulian> indeed mens
<@Karmulian> anyways - Thanks very much guys and have a wonderful christmas
<+[16_4_10]mens> I wanna say hi to aif
<+[16_4_4]Bear> and EET rule ofc
<+[16-4-9]Arfa> same
<+[16_4_4]Bear> \o/
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> can i have a last word pls?
<+[16_4_10]mens> he was our real gc from beginning
<+[16-4-9]Arfa> meerry xmas all now go an get drunk
<@Karmulian> go on nexus,
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> its about the pa team
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> everyone know what happened to us at the end
<@Karmulian> thoguht it might be
<@Karmulian> <-- doesn't actually
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> and we still say we didnt cheated
<+[16_4_10]mens> go ricky, go ricky
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> what have never done
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> but the peam team just suck(sry) this round
<@Karmulian> yes there have been alot of problems, I will openly admit to that
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> it took us 3 days to get the first contact to them after they closed us
<+[16_4_1]Orange> well, one can only hope things improve, cos they sure as hell couldn't get much worse.
<@Karmulian> indeed orange
<+[16_4_10]mens> PM ME FOR CYB0R!!!!!!!!!! merry christmas
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> they left me and orange alone in the gal for over 2 weeks in danger to get hited evereytime from ely
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> it not that we havent contacted them as mayn think
<+[16_4_4]Bear> Merry xmas to everyone, and happy new year
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> they wasnt able to be contact
<+[16-4-9]Arfa> we finished second with our original gal members which kinda says it all
<+[16_4_8]Nexus01> yeah true
<+[16_4_1]Orange> idd arfa
<@Karmulian> k guys?
<@Karmulian> Unfortunatly
<@Karmulian> I have to run off, so over the Phil^
<@[1-1-6]Phil^> ok
<@[1-1-6]Phil^> Finally its alliance rankings. Would like to say Congratulations to Elysium for finishing top
<@[1-1-6]Phil^> if yo would like to say a few words guys
* @[1-1-6]Phil^ waits patiantly
<@Yam> ..
<+therealmig> if we have another ely rep can they pm me please
<@[1-1-6]Phil^> it would seem theyve nothing to say... heh
<+[Ely]cheerios> A bit thrilled about this all
<+[Ely]cheerios> Elysium set their goals for this round, and met them all. We're happy and proud of that.
<+[Ely]cheerios> A few incidents aside that weren't Elysium-like at all caused havoc during the round, but that's part of PaX.
<+[Ely]cheerios> I would like to thank all our members for their hard work, staff for unbelieavable effort, myself for being the sole scanner in Elysium 10000 scans??, and our allies for being able to pull it through this round.
<+[Ely]cheerios> And respect to our enemies, we wouldn't have any fun otherwise.
<+[Ely]cheerios> We were going to call it quits after PaX, and Elysium might disappear from Planetarion. But.. more on that later... now we celebrate!
<+therealmig> cheerios what was the secret to your success then?
<+[Ely]cheerios> No secret. We prepared well.
<+[Ely]cheerios> Krush provided a very awesome norwegian BG, #protected.
<+therealmig> so good preperation and forward planning?
<+[Ely]cheerios> GREATONE setup his own, Friends and Foes.
<+[Ely]cheerios> Yes, therealmig.
<+therealmig> and will elysium be participating in the up and coming speed rounds?
<+[Ely]cheerios> No plans for that have been made. Like I said, this might be our final round.
<@[1-1-6]Phil^> ok
<@[1-1-6]Phil^> now, back to the #2 player, for a few words
<+graki> humps
<+graki> dunno what to say
<+graki> game was fun first month and last day
<+graki> Dragons rule ofcoz
<+graki> and my gal was the best (not exile bugged) and just 50% active
<+graki> and tuhoaja is the best HC
<@Yam> no nicktalking plz :¬)
<+graki> he never sleeps
<+graki> and finally thanks to the winner for making this interesting
<+therealmig> graki will you be playing rnd 11?
<+graki> no
<+graki> i paid for r9+r10
<+graki> so i kinda had to play r10 even if i didnt want to
<+therealmig> didnt want to play and ends up as #2 ;p
<+graki> But thanks for everyone, and merry christmas
<+graki> and happy new year
<@[1-1-6]Phil^> ok finally to the #3 gal who have been prodding me for them to have a say
<+therealmig> and to you graki
* +`Paul yawns
<+[3_7_4]OlaTa> :-)
* +[3_7_1]NhImF waves too :P
<@Yam> lol
<+[3_7_6]Alki> well
<+[3_7_6]Alki> olata first
<+[3_7_6]Alki> he was gc
<+[3_7_4]OlaTa> i want to say, taht thi galaxy was the best random galaxy i have ever been
<+[3_7_4]OlaTa> and we have to admit, that we didn´t abuse the exile bug, and we didn´t have any closed planets during this round \o/
<+[3_7_6]Alki> :
* +[3_7_1]NhImF is proud to have been in this gal
<+[3_7_1]NhImF> good coop
<+[3_7_1]NhImF> no cheaters
<+therealmig> so will any of you be playing rnd 11 or the speed rounds?
<+[3_7_6]Alki> hmm
<+[3_7_6]Alki> possibly
<+[3_7_1]NhImF> don't really know
<+[3_7_6]Alki> got exams n such
<+[3_7_1]NhImF> the plan is not to do
<+[3_7_4]OlaTa> i´m out finally from this game ... 2,5 years is waaaay to long
<+[3_7_6]Alki> also i like to thank FAnG most of all, who obv rawked
<+[3_7_6]Alki> and that ely won due tor ecruitment
* +[3_7_6]Alki runs
<+[3_7_6]Alki> but thats it
<+[3_7_4]OlaTa> besides, i want to thank mister McKulz for letting me see red at end of round (missed 4 ticks eh mate?)
<+[3_7_1]NhImF> lol
<+[3_7_6]Alki> have a happy xmas and new year folks
<@[1-1-6]Phil^> ok , All that remains is for me to wish you all, on behalf of PA team, a very merry christmas and a happy new year.
<@[1-1-6]Phil^> Remember Havoc starts mid day on the 27th
<@[1-1-6]Phil^> see you there