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Creators Hour 06/1/04

<@A2> Apologies for the delayed start tonight
<@A2> Karm will be joining us shortly - he's eating
<@A2> Anyone interested in asking a question for this evening please /msg #qtquestions question
<@Mit> Sensible questions here ppl
<@A2> Just getting something sorted out before we actually start
<@A2> In the meantime I'll say what we're going to be doing in this time.
<@A2> Going to start as is traditional with a couple of announcements and reminders
<@A2> then some questions in the style of the old CH
<@A2> and then we'll hopefully have anyone who wants to discussing what they want to see in r11 in this channel.
<@Mit> weee (-:
<@therealmig> and here they come
<@A2> right - just a min while people join and we'll start
<@therealmig> Can i just remind you that if you wish to ask a question please follow the instuctions in topic
<@A2> To ask one: /msg #qtquestions question
<@A2> right - seems to have slowed down a bit now
<@A2> so going to start.
<@A2> First of all a few announcements.
<@A2> For those of you who haven't noticed, there have been a few changes in the structure and membership of PA Team over the last couple of weeks.
<@A2> A summary of them can be found at : http://pirate.planetarion.com/pateam.gif
<@A2> And there's a list of job descriptions at: http://pirate.planetarion.com/showt...ad.php?t=173765
<@A2> so hopefully it should be clear what everyone is responsible for
<@A2> We will all have nickname@planetarion.com e-mail addresses once we've got our server access and can set up the mail software.
<@A2> And ofc we're all around on IRC for anyone to talk to.
<@A2> ---
<@A2> Next:
<@A2> an advert
<@A2> We're looking for someone who's good at designing graphics to do bits and pieces for the marketing of PA, the newsletter system and the new portal design.
<@A2> Anyone who thinks they'd like to apply should contact therealmig
<@A2> you can get him on IRC
<@A2> and has an e-mail address which is: <prods mig>
<@therealmig> therealmig@hotmail.com
<@A2> A reminder that we're still in the process of designing the new round 11.
<@A2> The basis of it is that we want to take the best things from "classic" PA and from PAX along with some new things
<@A2> Obviously we need input from anyone who wants to give it
<@A2> and there's a few ways to do this.
<@A2> Either catch one of us on IRC and have a chat about something
<@A2> Or post on the suggestions forum
<@A2> which is at: http://pirate.planetarion.com/forum...isplay.php?f=95
<@A2> or e-mail us
<@A2> up to you, but everyone's opinion counts, although some ideas seem stranger than others
<@A2> ---
<@A2> Next:
<@A2> The long awaited speedgame and some talks with alliances.
<@A2> We're hoping to run a speedgame in the near future.
<@A2> JC` and mist are holding a meeting tommorrow evening for alliance HC's and others about what you'd like to see in a speedgame and what is possible and what is not.
<@JC`> also about r11 as well
<@A2> JC` - want to say something abotu what you'll be doing tommorrow?
<@JC`> basically a quick review of what and cannot be done in any upcoming speed rounds
<@JC`> followed by some input from everyone on what they would like to see (if possible)
<@JC`> and then hopefully we can move onto alliance related things for r11
<@JC`> http://pirate.planetarion.com/showt...ad.php?t=173822
<@JC`> and thats a quick outline of how it will all work
<@JC`> that covers everythign i think
<@A2> I don't have a date for you for the speedgames yet as we are currently at the mercy of Royal Mail for us to get access to the PA Servers, without which we can't set it up.
<@A2> Right
<@A2> I think that's it for announcements and stuff (unless someone's going to prove me wrong -- usually happens)
<@Karmulian> One quick note,
<@A2> Anyone with a question needs to /msg #qtquestions question
<@Karmulian> Is within the next few days we will be making a mailing list for the newsletter
<@Karmulian> the newsletter will be published weekly (starting soon), and initially will be sent to everyone playing, if you don't play but want keeping upto date you should sign upto the mailing list
<@Karmulian> If you have any ideas regarding content of the newsletter or you wish to write some articles, please email newsletter@planetarion.com
<@Karmulian> done A2
<@A2> OK - if we've got any sensible questions we'll try to answer them now
<@A2> incidentally Smesh|Away - yes... your bum does look big in that
<@A2> <Chimpie> Is it decided if i get to enjoy a r11 yet?
<@A2> Yes
<@A2> There will be a round 11, as I mentioned earlier.
<@therealmig> <[X-treme]> when is Havoc ending
<@A2> The exact design of the game isn't yet finalised so if you've got any suggestions please put them forward.
<@Karmulian> Havoc will be ending next sunday
<@Karmulian> at 12:00
<@Karmulian> nqp
<@therealmig> <Pilager> is there gonna be an incentive for old players to play r11?
<@Karmulian> not quite sure what you mean by incentive pilager
<@Karmulian> or rather in what regard - care to clarify?
<+Pilager> oh
<@Karmulian> ah right, getting a few notes about it
<+Pilager> money off
<+Pilager> or some sort of discount
<+Pilager> or old style races etc
<@Karmulian> well, and this is still very much in the discussion phase, we are hoping to make pa free, there will be P2P of sorts, but it will ber very very different, this is just hanging on jolt atm though
<@Karmulian> the old races will be returning
<+Pilager> free pa
<+Pilager> sweeeeet
<@Karmulian> no guarentees yet, but we are trying our best
<+Pilager> better start pimping yourself then
<@Karmulian> the net has change alot since FSAS were forced to P2P, we now have alot more options open to us
<@Karmulian> hehe indeed
<@Karmulian> thanks pilager
<+Pilager> np
<+Pilager> thank you
<@Karmulian> nqp mig
<@therealmig> <IanteZ> How much money will round 11 cost?
<@A2> Payment is something that we don't decide directly.
<@Karmulian> see above ;p
<@A2> However we are talking to Jolt about different ways for it to work as Karm said a minute ago.
<@Karmulian> we are putting together a marketing plan, with several options, all of which will allow the pa community to grow again, the stumbling block we have is that paymenrs are directed by jolt
<@Karmulian> we can only suggest, not implement
<@Karmulian> nqp
<@therealmig> <omni`> Pax changed to a 1 Ship, targets 1 ship class style of play, for round 11 are we going to see the same style of play or are you going to move back to a multiple style like the older rounds. (I enjoy the style of play current PAX has)
<@Karmulian> Mit.
<@Karmulian> right, not something we have goto in our discussions yet
<@Karmulian> but it seems general opinion that multiple targets is good
<@Mit> at the moment, a general feeling is people prefered the older style more... some like the new style, perhaps there is some sort of compromise that can be made... but i feel that races will come back
<@Karmulian> as it allows you to have more control over fleet composition,
<@Karmulian> if you have an arguement for or against then post on suggestions
<@Mit> again, if people have any feelings about the races / ship targets etc - suggestions forum to post them
<@Karmulian> but atm, we will be going back to the old styles of combat
<@Karmulian> nqp mig
<@mist|zZz> <Hatered> who are the coders for r11, will it still be written in Perl, is so will u be looking to hire more coders?
<@Karmulian> Mit is primary coder on Rnd11
<@Karmulian> and is currently creating a coding team, so if you feel you have anything to offer drop him a line
<@Karmulian> mit@planetarion.com
<@Karmulian> and no PA will finally be taking the step into the modern internet and round 11 will be coded in PHP
<@Karmulian> nqp
<@mist|zZz> <Ace> Like to know from JC what hes going to talk about alliance wise
<@Karmulian> um.. unfortunatly JC went offline
<@Karmulian> most details can be found in the announcement on the portal
<@Karmulian> but if in doubt just turn up and find out
<@Karmulian> (i do know what he is doing but don;t wish to steal his thunder)
<@Karmulian> mist has soemthing to ad..
<@Karmulian> add even
<@mist|zZz> we've got a list of stuff that we think alliances want within the alliance hosting within pa, the plan is to go through that stuff and see what people think of it
<@mist|zZz> then take any additions that people support
<@mist|zZz> after the speed games discussion ofc
<@Karmulian> k thanks
<@Karmulian> nqp mig
<@Karmulian> (next question please) for those that keep asking
<@mist|zZz> <Spod> how is the game going to move on when to many people have left / leaving ? and wat r the creators going to do to change this ?
<@Karmulian> well the creators aren't doing anything, as there aren't any
<@Karmulian> the pateam, as stated before are trying to put together a marketing plan to move pa forward
<@Karmulian> we have looked at the competition as it were and said "what can we do that they can't" the answers to that will be seen in round 11
<@Karmulian> meanwhile, we will try to keep PA going, and the current community on side
<@Karmulian> as at the end of the day you are what make this game and bring new people into it
<@Karmulian> nqp
<@mist|zZz> <Chimpie> And could you pls do something about eta, since it is a disadvantege to new players without alliances.
<@Karmulian> we discussed this last night, and the annoyances of eta will be fixed
<@Karmulian> in rnd11 we are trying to make alternatives to being in an alliance
<@Karmulian> this way the new players, can functions just aswell
<@Karmulian> again any ideas to the suggestions forum
<@Karmulian> nqp
<@mist|zZz> <The_Den> how much ticks does this game have ?
<@Karmulian> um,....
<@A2|Afk> works out at about 3600
<@Karmulian> i assume you mean havoc, in which case it will end next sunday at 12:00
<@Karmulian> (GMT)
<@Karmulian> for rnd11 ticks and the like still have to be discussed
<@Karmulian> nqp
<@mist|zZz> <excessum> 3rd time ive asked this, consider a production scan. People can see whats in production or summin, i think it wuld look like so fkin cool n shit. do it u know u want to
<@Karmulian> excessum i would suggest posting that on the suggestions forum ,as thats the best place to discuss it
<@Karmulian> I can see the benefits, but i think not knowing 100% what your enemy if going to have adds to the fun so we will see
<@Karmulian> nqp
<@mist|zZz> <Migi> can we get rid of the lines over the bot question? sometimes i can't see what's there at all!
<@A2|Afk> The lines are there for a reason.
<@A2> and are there to stop bots from using screen readers to answer the question.
<@Karmulian> hehe indeed, BUT we are looking at a new way of stopping bots for rnd11/passport
<@A2> login methods for r11 are under discussion
<@Karmulian> wb A2 btw
<@Karmulian> nqp
<@mist|zZz> <IanteZ> any new ships to be added? ship type changes? additions?
<@Karmulian> As we are going back to the old type races/combat yes i have no doubt you will see new ships types
<@Karmulian> including the good old astropod
<@Karmulian> their stats, and individual settings are something that will need to be thrashed out during beta
<@Karmulian> nqp
<@mist|zZz> <omni`> Alright, since the multi targeting style game play looks like its going to come back, is combat going to take place like it is in current pax, where All ships fire at the same time, or back to a initiative style play?
<@Karmulian> more than likely, initiative based
<@Karmulian> nqp
<@mist|zZz> <BlacKobra> Would it not be beneficial to back to the old eTA's? that way it encourages activeness as well as strategies... but i like the auto launch function as well. What will the pa team do about that?
<@Karmulian> Old ETA styling will be making a comebac(including cluster eta), the difficulties provided by auto launch are still in discussion though
<@Karmulian> have no fear, you'll know with plenty of time
<@Karmulian> nqp
<@mist|zZz> <RageIV> would there be a possibility of having half hour ticks instead of one hour?
<@Karmulian> in proper pa, no
<@Karmulian> hour based ticks are good for the intermittent players
<@Karmulian> those who only get on 2-3 times a day
<@Karmulian> we will be looking at more speedgames though for those of you that needs the speedtick thrill
<@A2> and means that you can't get destroyed by sleeping for 3 or 4 hours
<@Karmulian> indeed
<@Karmulian> on that note i will also mention, we are looking at a number of "hire pa" possibilities, where you and your friends can hire a server with stats to suit your needs
<@Karmulian> we also hope to run a number of speedgames, where settings are tinkered with, to change gameplay dramtically
<@Karmulian> the full details of that are still being discussed with jolt, but watch this space
<@Karmulian> And I believe thats it for the questions.. over to you A2
<@A2> Right.
<@A2> now this might or might not work - but we'll see.
<@A2> Hoping to open up the channel to anyone who wants to suggest stuff for r11, and hopefully can try to debate some of the pros and cons of them.
<@therealmig> this should be fun
* @Karmulian holds on
<@Karmulian> *pokes mit into this channel*
<@Mit> i'm alive...
<@Mit> just playing with some code :P
<@Karmulian> hehe ditto
<@A2> reminder that the normal channel rules apply etc.