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Creators Hour 20/10/03

<@Karmulian> [---------------- Planetarion Creators Hour - 20th October 2003 ----------------]
<@Karmulian> right get on with it mrb
<@MrBrick> Fire away then Karm
<@Karmulian> <AzureWrath> Can we please get back cloak, emp, stealing for next round? The very different races was an important part of pa imo.
<@MrBrick> heh
<@MrBrick> doh
<@MrBrick> not the questions
<@MrBrick> good start
<@MrBrick> I only just noticed you'd started logging.
<@MrBrick> \o/
<@MrBrick> Right then.
* @Karmulian gets the cattle prod
<@MrBrick> Welcome to my first official CH.
<@MrBrick> I'd just like to do a sort of "hello" thing.
<@MrBrick> SOLID: Hello.
<@MrBrick> heh
<@MrBrick> for gods sake
<@MrBrick> script
<@MrBrick> :/
<@MrBrick> but hello to Solid anyway
<@MrBrick> heh
<@MrBrick> Anyway, Jolt have asked me to manage things, basically.
<@Karmulian> we are so professional (-:
<@MrBrick> That's what I intend to do, to the best of my abilities.
<@MrBrick> I've had a fair bit of experience at management, so I shouldnt do too badly
<@MrBrick> Famous last words.
<@MrBrick> The floor is open to pretty much all questions.
<@MrBrick> See topic for how to ask me stuff
* @MrBrick stops babbling
<@MrBrick> go for it Karm
<@MrBrick> before i bottle out
<@Karmulian> u sure this time?
<@MrBrick> yeah, go on
<@Karmulian> <Jaxom> lo MrBrick, hows it feel after a few days as the target for all moans ??
<@MrBrick> Heh.
<@MrBrick> That's a good one to start with.
<@MrBrick> It's been interesting.
<@Karmulian> ps - u dare say nqp
<@MrBrick> I've had loads of PMs and mails wishing me the best of luck etc.
<@MrBrick> And its stuff like that I need really
<@MrBrick> And the amount of people that have contacted me with ideas, problems whatever, is fantastic.
<@MrBrick> Shows that the community is still strong.
<@MrBrick> I think we should do quite well. All things permitting.
<@MrBrick> Afterall
<@MrBrick> PA Team or the Creators dont make this a game
<@MrBrick> you lot do.
<@MrBrick> If I cant say nqp
<@MrBrick> what do I say?
<@MrBrick> :P
<@MrBrick> Next pls, Karm.
<@Karmulian> that'll do
<@Karmulian> <Cm> Is Fudge still working on planetarion as we havent heard anything from him recently
<@MrBrick> fudge is still hiding behind the scenes, poking things as usual.
<@MrBrick> Infact it was he that sorted the rollback and alliance fix a few days ago.
<@MrBrick> Currently I believe he's poking about at the exile bugs
<@MrBrick> Next
<@Karmulian> i would like to thank McKulz for the following question
<@Karmulian> <McKulz> any chance of mrbrick in a dress to make up for the rollbacks?
<@MrBrick> If there's a large lump sum of money involved, then maybe. If the sum is larger than a large lump, then I might even forget the dress. God forbid.
<@MrBrick> /msg #chquestions question to ask stuff remember
<@MrBrick> Next
<@Karmulian> <AzureWrath> Will there be any speed rounds b4 round 10 is over?
<@MrBrick> I think we owe everyone a speedgame or two, so I would say yes to that.
<@MrBrick> I'll see if I cant get something sorted in the next week or so
<@MrBrick> keep an eye on the usual places
<@MrBrick> passport, forums, MOTD
<@MrBrick> onwards, Karmulian, my fine steed.
<@Karmulian> woof
<@Karmulian> <Krush> with spinner gone etc. is this the end of planetarion?...or will it continue with a round 11, 12, 13 etc.
<@MrBrick> Planetarion is by no means dead.
<@Karmulian> following on from that one we also have - <AzureWrath> What are the future plans for planetarion with MrBrick at the helm? Will Round 11 revert back to 'old style' pa with some of the pax enhancements or will it develop upon this round somehow?
<@MrBrick> Round 11 is a very definate possibility.
<@MrBrick> My aim is to produce a planetarion that everyone can enjoy.
<@MrBrick> That caters for the community, and provides features that you want.
<@MrBrick> Of course there will be limits as to where certain things can go.
<@MrBrick> But I intend to go as far as humanly possible to make Planetarion enjoyable, addictive and to keep the Planetarion name where it should be.
<@MrBrick> As one of the best.
<@MrBrick> I'll be the first to admit that PAX doesnt balance out as well as it was planned in some places.
<@MrBrick> But in other places its proved to be innovative and has worked.
<@MrBrick> A fair few of us remember how PA started
<@MrBrick> and how it evolved.
<@MrBrick> PAX can improve the same way.
<@MrBrick> Next Karm
<@Karmulian> I'm considering renaming this AzureWrath hour :/
<@Karmulian> <AzureWrath> When is round 10 expected to end and will there be a havoc period following?
<@MrBrick> Heh.
<@MrBrick> I'll bare that in mind for next time.
<@MrBrick> I spelt that wrong
<@MrBrick> Anyways
<@Karmulian> zeus desease :/
<@MrBrick> With the rollback issues, the end time is being reevaluated.
<@MrBrick> And I dont think PA is PA without Havoc.
<@MrBrick> I cant give you dates for the round end atm sadly.
<@MrBrick> And I fear there's a few more questions I cant yet answer.
<@MrBrick> But anything that is brought up will be answered asap.
<@MrBrick> I promise you that much.
<@MrBrick> Next.
<@Karmulian> <c0W> do you think the cloak/emp/steal aspects of races will ever return? if not why not? i dont see much difference now adays between races
<@MrBrick> From what I've heard in emails etc, which is by no means a cumulative outlook
<@MrBrick> The races are sorely missed
<@MrBrick> It's something which will be giving PA Team and myself headaces for a good few discussions no doubt.
<@MrBrick> I'd like to see the boundaries broadened between races, I'm afraid I'll resort to a "time will tell" on that one. But its definitley being considered.
<@MrBrick> Next karm
<@Karmulian> <Spooky> Is it true that Mr.Brick is a fan of at the drive-in, or is that a filthy, filthy lie?
<@MrBrick> I'm pleased to say it's true.
<@MrBrick> embroglio will testify to that.
<@MrBrick> and next again
<@Karmulian> <Villeh> Has anyone actually been deleted for cheating this round?
<@MrBrick> I've done a fair few myself, and Mit and NB3 do a good job hunting.
<@MrBrick> next please
<@Karmulian> <SYMM> Any news on new features for R11? (i.e. will there be any?) Also, any eta on the real-opening of the Suggestions forum?
* @Karmulian gets an impeding fear of a todo item
<@MrBrick> Heh.
<@MrBrick> You should see that open sometime in the next few days.
<@MrBrick> Shouldnt they Karmulian?
<@Karmulian> ahem.. yes boss
<@MrBrick> Excellent.
<@Karmulian> <Zhukov|cleaning> Will Jolt start putting some descent support into planetarion? Otherwise I dont see any future for the game
<@MrBrick> Features for round 11 will be based on what you want, and what we can achieve.
<@Karmulian> oops
<+Zhukov|cleaning> oi
<@MrBrick> Could you clarify what you mean by "Support" for me Zhukov|cleaning
<+Zhukov|cleaning> Getting some descent coder fx
<+Zhukov|cleaning> The beta showed really poor planning and implementing of the new futures
<@Karmulian> OI! no mentioing coders or you ruin my next question
<@Mit> :/
<@MrBrick> I can't comment on what Jolt are planning regards that as yet.
<+Zhukov|cleaning> I would like to see pa's development turn more proffesional
<+Zhukov|cleaning> thats all
<@MrBrick> I'm in the middle of compiling a very long email for them first
<@MrBrick> Then they can start letting me know what they feel is viable
<@MrBrick> etc
<@MrBrick> Jolt bought PA to save it, and they are very passionate that Planetarion lives on.
<+Zhukov|cleaning> k, gotta was cloths now :\
<@MrBrick> Sounds like a plan.
<@Karmulian> i'd put panzer more fanatical than passionate
<@MrBrick> Heh
<@MrBrick> true.
<@MrBrick> Jolt have made an investment in this game, and want to see the community get what they expect.
<@MrBrick> Jolt get a bit of a nasty name round here, quite alot.
<@MrBrick> And If I'm to be honest, it's not all justified.
<@MrBrick> But, I'll let you have my promise that they care.
<@MrBrick> next
<@Karmulian> <|Darky|> will there be a new coder replacing Spinner or canĀ“t we expect any new changes to PA anymore?
<@MrBrick> I think I answered that with Zhukov|cleaning's question.
<@Karmulian> kk.
<@Karmulian> <AcidFear> Who was better at PA u or spinner? (-: and if he was u think u cud take him on in the ring ?
<@MrBrick> I'm at the start of a long road to sorting out our future.
<@MrBrick> You'll know when I do, basically.
<@MrBrick> Read above for details
<@MrBrick> Erm
<@MrBrick> I think I beat him in a few betas
<@MrBrick> and I raped him a few times before I joined PA Team
<@MrBrick> but most people did
<@MrBrick> He was probably better
<@MrBrick> he had admin
<@MrBrick> :P
<@MrBrick> next
<@Karmulian> <^S^oap> Are Jolt paying MrBrick?
<@MrBrick> Nope.
<@MrBrick> I'm just a bit odd.
<@Karmulian> a bit?
<@MrBrick> I owe PA more than PA owes me.
<@MrBrick> So it's payback time now, methinks.
<@MrBrick> next.
<@Karmulian> <AliasX> What hapened to the germany payment center?
<@MrBrick> Heartless has withdrawn from Planetarion as a helper and team member.
<@MrBrick> As some may know.
<@MrBrick> He was asked to leave PA Team some time ago, because of various actions which did not befit his role.
<@MrBrick> Since then he had continued to run the payment centre
<@MrBrick> but as with Parracida and Leshy, they did not agree with the way Spinner departed.
<@MrBrick> next.
<@Karmulian> <Judge> with all the similar Clone Games out there that are FREE, will PA be changing it's policy on P2P?
<@MrBrick> The Payment model is being reviewed, and alternatives and changes are being looked at. If we are to develop PA, we'll need some form of financing.
<@MrBrick> But as I said. There are certainly other ways in which to run the "P2P" schema.
<@MrBrick> It's an important issue.
<@MrBrick> And something which is going to take a while to solve.
<@MrBrick> It will, however, be solved.
<@MrBrick> next
<@Karmulian> <SIR-Millar> Now your in charge, will you start using the Spinner smilies?
<@MrBrick> (-:
<@MrBrick> No.
<@MrBrick> As that took far too long to type.
<@MrBrick> next
* @MrBrick puts a 50p piece in Karmulian's slot
<@Karmulian> oops
<@Karmulian> <ReVolt`> will there be more polls to decide what we like and what we dont like about PA in general??
<@Karmulian> thought i pasted that soz
<@MrBrick> Yup, as you may have noticed.
<@MrBrick> I've begun a long initiative to fully consult as many of you as possible as to where you'd like to see PA go in the future.
<@MrBrick> The Alliance HC meeting was meant to be the start of this
<@MrBrick> But my modem decided to stop working.
<@MrBrick> Apologies again for that to any HCs.
<@MrBrick> The suggestions forums will be open for suggestions, and have regular polls.
<@MrBrick> I'm nearly always about on IRC
<@MrBrick> and there's always email.
<@MrBrick> mrbrick@planetarion.com
<@MrBrick> next
<@Karmulian> <LFF|AFK> Is there going to be any system next round to try and encourage galaxy team work more
<@MrBrick> This point was recently brought up by a few folk I loiter with on IRC.
<@MrBrick> And it's something I've been considering, yes.
<@MrBrick> There's a few mad notions scribbled (typed) in notepad.
<@MrBrick> I'm willing to consider anything if it's an idea that is going to benefit the game and the community.
<@MrBrick> Team work is a major part of the game
<@MrBrick> And something that could be used well within the game to encourage a bit more cooperation.
<@MrBrick> We all know that there's a few folk that are fairly hostile to the "n00bs". But at the end of the day, it's the new blood which can assist us in growth.
<@MrBrick> next
<@Karmulian> <[Racer]> Spinner promised us surprises, shortcuts, all we got is HIGH research times and slow game pace. Will u do some nice trick there to help out with ur own surprises ?
<@MrBrick> I don't know about "tricks".
<@MrBrick> As I said previously, the game belongs to you ultimately, and so you can shape it as much as the Team and I can.
<@MrBrick> I'm really just here to find the midpoint where your desires and practicality slot into place.
<@MrBrick> next.
<@Karmulian> <w2k> will R10+ ever get to an iseries event
<@MrBrick> That's a good one.
<@MrBrick> And one on my list actually.
<@MrBrick> It's early days for me remember, but I'm planning to contact multiplay in regards to that.
<@MrBrick> We've had our differences in the past, but ultimately they will want games with a community and a spirit to attend their events.
<@MrBrick> I hope.
<@MrBrick> next
<@Karmulian> <AzureWrath> Will there be anymore contests and such involving the skins? Like alliance skins, etc?
<@MrBrick> Contests there will be. Relating either to game developent, or the external media, such as the Passport, forums et al.
<@MrBrick> There's a nice competition running atm actually.
<@MrBrick> I dont know if JammyJim wants to say anything about it?
* @MrBrick pokes JammyJim
<@MrBrick> Heh.
<@MrBrick> Apparantly he's afk.
<@MrBrick> Anyway
<@MrBrick> there's a competition to design smilies for the new look boards running
<@MrBrick> have a look on the forums for details.
<@MrBrick> There's a shiny planet upgrade or two available for the winner
<@MrBrick> next.
<@Karmulian> <therealmig> quesation: what ever happed to the tasks on the pa overview in the previous round, iirc spinner was going to add them after the beta, so the beta testers didnt have an advantage
<@MrBrick> I fear Spinner is the only one that can answer that question.
<@MrBrick> Quests are back on the list of things to consider reintroducing though.
<@MrBrick> next
<@Karmulian> <Zubin> Will there be a price for the winners and what can we expect
<@MrBrick> There will be a prize, yes.
<@MrBrick> A free account for the coming round at least.
<@MrBrick> Although, depending on when I get my arse in gear, and some free time
<@Karmulian> (its a big arse to get in gear)
<@MrBrick> I'm working on finding manufacturers for PA merchandise
<@MrBrick> so I'd bung in some of that should it come about in time.
<@MrBrick> I've found a few good companies
<@MrBrick> and have already recieved some good quotes.
<@MrBrick> When I've got some pocket money
<@MrBrick> it'll happen
<@MrBrick> next
<@Karmulian> <Vip3r> will pa team be looking for new faces to join? it seems that its always current members friends that join, i.e a2//kloopy etc etc etc. will there be changes to this now that a couple of key members of pa team have left???
<@MrBrick> PA has always seemed fairly insular, I know.
<@MrBrick> PA Team*
<@MrBrick> even
<@MrBrick> heh.
<@MrBrick> Or both, possibly
<@MrBrick> It's not that case with me I'm afraid
<@MrBrick> I tend to go by merit
<@MrBrick> and if you ask PA Team members that I know in RL or have met, I still give them a hard time of it when in my professional role.
<@MrBrick> PA Team has lost a few good members lately, and yes something will be done about the spaces they fill.
<@MrBrick> You can all understand that we cant generally pick anyone.
<@MrBrick> Some may join to benefit an alliance, some may join for the kudos.
<@MrBrick> What we like is to have nice hard working folk with very little sense when it comes to the fact they dont get paid
<@MrBrick> and work all the hours that god gives us
<@Karmulian> we don't get paid :/
<@MrBrick> If you seriously think you could benefit PA Team, then mail me
<@Karmulian> doh..
<@NB3|uni> woah, we dont get paid ?
* @NB3|uni crys
<@MrBrick> the worst that can happen is you get a no.
<@MrBrick> The best you'll get is me shouting at you everyday
<@MrBrick> next
<@Karmulian> <`Paul> Question for mrbrick Can i be his personal assistant :P
<@MrBrick> Knowing `Paul, that has some kind of hidden meaning, and a contractual agreement to sleep with him on alternate days of the week
<@MrBrick> I think I'll have to think about it.
<@MrBrick> next
<@MrBrick> :P
<@Karmulian> teffer - i closed ur pm but can remmember the jist
<@Karmulian> does Pa intend to become more competative to win back players form its rivals
<@Karmulian> if thats wrong sorry - kill me in pm
<@MrBrick> I've got dibs on the PM killing of Karm.
<@MrBrick> Hands off.
<@Karmulian> hush and answer the question
<@MrBrick> Competitive.
<@MrBrick> Well.
<@MrBrick> There's a few ways to take that really.
<@MrBrick> I'd like to think that we'll be providing a service which worries the clones and similar style games.
<@MrBrick> Combating the migration is something that has to be done, simply because we'd be no damned good as a game if we didnt have you lot
<@MrBrick> So yes, We plan to be.
<@MrBrick> next
<@Karmulian> Thats time - though i have a number asking for your email address
<@MrBrick> When I say combating the migration, I wasnt referring to beating up Swallows.
<@MrBrick> Just to clarify for a few people
<@Karmulian> which is hot_lady_boy01@hotmales.com
<@MrBrick> :O
<@Karmulian> oops
<@MrBrick> Heh.
<@MrBrick> The owner of that addy is going to be most confused tomorrow
<@Karmulian> mrbrick@planetarion.com <- really it is
<@MrBrick> IF there's anything else
<@MrBrick> grab me by email
<@MrBrick> and if you are kind enough to give me a 30 minute break
<@MrBrick> I'll answer some PMs
<@Karmulian> yeah cause u don't wanna grab him in R/L he bites :/
<@MrBrick> SOLID: there will be another one of these soon
<@MrBrick> FFS
<@MrBrick> That bloody script
<@MrBrick> DIE
<@MrBrick> anyway.
<@A2> Most of PA Team can be reached with their nickname@planetarion.com
<@Karmulian> dats all folks
<@MrBrick> There will be another one CH soon
<@MrBrick> hopefully with a lot more information.
<@A2> And watch out for other things happening soon
<@MrBrick> Thanks for listening, and thanks for the input.
<@MrBrick> Past, present and future.
<@MrBrick> ttfn.
<@MrBrick> Just a note
<@MrBrick> I'm ignoring all PMs for now.
<@MrBrick> they wont get through
<@MrBrick> try me in half an hour