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  • Round 72 Signups Start: Friday 19th May 2017
  • Round 72 Ticks Start: Friday 26th May 2017
  • Round 72 Ticks End: Friday 14th July 2017
  • Round 72 Havoc Ends: Thursday 27th July 2017

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Round 19!

Hello everyone!

On behalf of the full team i would like to use this opportunity to once again congratulate all of Round 18's winners, you all did yourselves and your alliances proud!

Round 19 is shaping up to be a very exciting one indeed, with various changes to the game and interface.

Sign ups for Round 19 are due to start on the 25th of September 2006 at 20:00 GMT.
Ticks will begin at 20:00GMT on the 6th of October 2006.
Round 19 will end on the 8th of December 2006 @ 20:00 GMT.
The End of Round Ceremony will follow at 21:00 GMT in #planetarion on irc.netgamers.org and an Allcomp will occur at the end of the ceremony.

-A brand new login bot stopper, much more legible and readable.
-Alliance merging system.
-Ability to self reset / delete your planet with email verification and delay on it actually happening.
-The return of traditional Xan cloaking and the military scan.
-The ability for each player to move the galaxy banner above the galaxy information, below the galaxy information, or to turn it off.

We are currently running beta testing privately on invite. Should we choose to open it up to all, further information shall be announced. In the mean time please do not ask for an invite.

I would also like to take this opportunity to formally announce that Cincinnatus is taking over the running of the MultiHunting Department.

We have also made some promotions and adjustments to their placing with in the team. The Department deputies will now once again be promoted into PATeam, these being:

Chef - Deputy Head of People and Organisation
myk - Deputy Head of Development
timeline - Deputy Head of Support

We will be having a Creators Hour on the 28th of September so please get your questions submitted to CH bot. /msg CH_Bot <question>

I hope you all enjoy the mid round break and take the chance to get some sleep in before the new round begins!